Hey I know if your like me and you own FinalCut Pro X you have no idea on were to start when it comes to loading your video the first time to YouTube.

It took me sometime, but I did find some videos out there that helped me. So I wanted to make quick version showing people how to do that.

Check it out down here.




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MLM Battlefield Within is a real thing.

This thought came to me after reading my daily leadership thought of the day by John C. Maxwell. It got me thinking about the battlefield that we face within while building our home-base business. Sometimes we don’t realize it but there is war waging on the inside of us, and it’s for our freedom. I guarantee if you look at any top earner, and you can tell that they won the battle on the inside, which is shows on the outside.

So what is the MLM Battlefield within, you might be asking?

I believe building a network marketing business is one of the hardest things to do. I believe it will expose us to all of our weakest points in our own character. It will reveal to us if we really want what we say on the outside with our mouth, but do we believe on the inside. I want to give you some ammunition to combat this real MLM Battlefield Within.

Some people might not even know that they are at war on the inside but let me paint some real world examples that people go through, and even myself on daily basis.

You have a day off from your job and you wake up in the morning, and your drinking your coffee as you reflect and think about the day. You think to yourself I should make some calls today and get some people in front of my business today, or go meet with so-and-so. Soon as you have that thought, another thought creeps in aka “MLM Battlefield Within  You think to yourself I don’t get many days off, I think I’m going to relax today.

You setup a time on your calendar kids are outside playing for the next couple hours and you told yourself I’m going to pick up the phone and makes these calls. My WHY is big enough and if it’s going to get done, it’s up to me. You positive talk yourself all up, and then BOOM aka “MLM Battlefield Within” kicks in, and that fear grips you. The what if kicks in. What if they don’t like it, What if they think I’m crazy ant etc. All of sudden the phone looks like it weights 500lbs and you don’t make one call.

These are just a couple of examples I could tell you more, but you get were I’m going. Me and you both struggle with this war that is waging on the inside of us. But I’m sure you must be thinking right now there needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel, how did we win this battle. I don’t think there is any one answer, but I do believe there are some things you can do to combat it,

Things we can do to win the MLM Battlefield Within

When you get the urge to do something and  aka “MLM Battlefield Within” kicks in. You need to immediately respond and do what you set out to do. You said you were going to make the calls, and the fear kicks in; do it anyway. Key is to break the habit. Do the exact opposite and shock your brain by doing it anyway. The key is to break the habits that we are setting everyday and we might not even know it.

You need to read and take time everyday to personally developed you as a person. If you wonder why you are not succeeding, it’s probably because you are not taking time to eliminate those battles on the inside aka “MLM Battlefield Within” We need to personally develop daily in our skills, character, and etc.

You have the ability today to make a change, and it’s never too late to start. Go back and look at post I did were Wayne Dyer helps see those misconceptions in the way we see our-self. This is great article that will help wage war on aka “MLM Battlefield Within

Please like and share this with people on your team to help them wage war on the “MLM Battlefield Within”


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I just watch a video by Troy Dooly and there is a rumor out there going around that Zeek Rewards is going to be opening up in Europe.

Here is the quote that he found out there talking about Zeek Rewards opening up overseas.

”This is to Inform you all that since we have to stop the Business for Zeek Rewards were is the moneyfew Legal Issues in NC, We have paid the Fines and Penalties and We are shutting down Business for a few days and shifting our Main Office to Europe, since the Law is different there so we can resume our business from there, just keep Patience We’ll come back in the Business, Meanwhile we are launching another company (to keep your Passive Income) under Rex Venture Inc. You’ll be updated About it later Keep sharing the Blog we need your Help keep your Down lines Calm.”

If you are in Zeek Rewards don’t fall for this watch the video below by Troy Dooly and get the real facts. This is so serious that I wanted to repost it for the Network Marketing community, so nobody falls for this and faces legal troubles in the fututre.

Zeek Rewards Affiliates Be-careful, my prayers go out to you and your families.

Also this has become such hot issue even Forbes has pick up the story. Read the article here for Zeek Rewards article



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I’m just going to put out some things for you to decide for yourself. You let me know if Zeek Rewards is going to be opening up it’s doors again.

This is just to be funny, I don't think like this.

This is just to be funny, I don’t think like this.

Here is the article that broke the news today Published: Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 6:42 p.m. Zeek Rewards closes headquarters

I’m just wondering what about those people who just put $10,000.00 dollars thinking it was going to be their Savior and Zeek Rewards was truly a gift from above.

I was always worried about how people came at me to explain Zeek Rewards business model. Everybody was pitching it like a banking investment that earned interested. I knew overtime this was going to be a bad thing for the company in general. Then you get so many people caught up in something that was meant for good, that corrupt with greed.

I feel sorry for all of the innocent people that are out there who were just posting one add a day, and was doing what their upline was telling them what to do. Well I hope it’s not shut down for those people, but from what things look like; it’s not good for Zeek Rewards right now.

So you guys read the article and you decide for yourself. If you were in Zeek Rewards I’m sorry to see this happen to you guys. I know it must be hard to wake up and see a sign on the door closed. Site not working, and I’m sure people are trying to cash out and can’t. I’m looking forward to Troy Dooly’s report on this. He is one of the most well connected guys in this industry.

I hope you guys find amazing company, and be careful run to the next the penny auction that is just like a Zeek Rewards. I think they will be watching for these now because of this situation.

Here is a video from Troy Dooly


Zeek Rewards makes it as a story on Forbes.


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As I stare at the blank calendar I begin to remember a story of guy name Dr. Lewis Smedes.

Dr. Lewis Smedes story goes like this……

My date book has become a parable about hope for me. When I get out a new one, I see page after page of blank squares, each representing a day of my life. Each square bounded by four solid lines. My job is to fill up each of the squares with all the things that I do every day. When I get one square nicely filled, at the magic moment of midnight, an invisible door opens and I am silently slurped into the next square where I do it all over again. My life – filling up the squares.

Hope is what Dr. Lewis Smedes had everyday, I think that is amazing way to live for sure.

Dr. Lewis Smedes got me thinking about living each square as if it were your last.

If  we thought like Smedes what would happen to each and everyday we get another chance to live another day.

What if today was you last square?

What would you do with it?

Dr. Lewis Smedes pondered that same question, and went on to live a wonderful productive life.

Think about it!

What about the business you wanted to start?

What about the movement you wanted to create?

None of this can happen unless you decide to take action on it. Dr. Lewis Smedes shows us If you have a burning desire in you, and you know you were created to do great things. Don’t be scared to push yourself to do them. Don’t let fear or pride hold you back from being a person that lives a live of excellence. There will come a day when that last square can not be filled out, because you are no longer on this earth.

The life you are living now, will it leave a legacy like Dr. Lewis Smedes?

I hope you realize that you can be great, but it starts with belief. I hope this story by Dr. Lewis Smedes encourages you to be amazing today and fill in that square as Dr. Lewis Smedes did. Like every day was our last day.

Dr. Lewis Smedes Quotes “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”


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