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I have been talking to a lot of people lately and they want to know why it’s good to start a Blog. Well I went away to the Bat Cave and started to think about the question. I really wanted to offer a good answer that would add value you to their business. Well after thinking about it I have come up with some good food for thought.

First let me ask you a quick question. Would you buy from a company that had no presence online?” I think for me that question is easy to answer, and it would be “No” for me. Companies spend billions of dollars to convince you that they are the right one for you in whatever they’re selling, and if they don’t have a web presence makes me think twice about them.

I think we need to think like this ourselves but on a budget we can afford. We are not going to go out and hire advertising firm to sell our Network Marketing Business for us. But why not take an approach and put together a serious business strategy as a company would when approaching the idea of advertising there product.

!. Start to develop a Brand Identity. For Example: Think about what is going to be your specialty in this industry and go after that niche. Companies do this all the time, and I have a friend who has done this for fortune 500 companies, and they pay him big bucks.

2. Now you have a Game Plan, Get in the game. I watch sports all the time and love watching them play the game. It’s like a beautiful painting in motion. But how much has Lebron James, Randy Moss, or Yankees done for your business. One thing that sets you apart from then is that they put the jersey on and play. It’s time we take our jersey “called life” put it on, and develop your own fans in your industry.

People follow you, because you are doing what they won’t do, and that is get started period.

3. You got a jersey on and ready to build a following. The best way I have done that myself is start a Blog or Website about YOU! “Not your business”. Set yourself apart from others in the industry and watch your business grow.

Now you are becoming a superstar as the big names I mention before. People following you and buying your jersey “MLM Training or Company you’re in” going to your games “Seminars that you develop to teach people your knowledge” and tell others about you skills and build you a following.

Overall Your Blog or Website will set you apart from others who are not willing to treat this as business. This is not a “Hobby” this is your business; treat it like one.

Caution: Don’t think you are going to just start a Blog or Website and the traffic is going to roll in. Remember Branding doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to build over time. So if you are not adding value and just pitching people to join with you; you just ignored everything I said.

Remember people buy into “YOU” not your business. I could get involve in Ice Cream deal, and people will follow me because of my Leadership and Care for my team.

So add value by entertaining, enlightening, and educating others with your Knowledge. You can do that in so many ways and I will talk about that in other segments.

I have posted a link for a step-by-step video on How to setup a Blog from of the best in the country at the bottom of the page. He’s know for this, and it’s his special niche in this industry along with many other things.

Watch this video and if you want to learn more about Training system Click on this link and take our $1 dollar trail. Really are you going to let one dollar hold you back from changing your business; I hope NOT!

Attraction Marketing System

There is link on this video, but that is for us as Members already. Click on this link above if you want to learn more about $1 dollar trail.

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DaleBefore I get started, let me say that in principal I believe we can all learn from each other, even if it is what “not to do”.

I also believe you can and should respect people as human beings, but totally disagree with what they are teaching and or their motives behind what they teach.

With that said, I was speaking last week at a very high end event. Most of the people in attendance were very accomplished network marketers.

A lady, who is at the top of here company asked me about a specific trainer and what he taught. My response was simple, he is one of the Top 5 trainers to avoid.

My normal answer is I don’t have any personal experience with that person unless they ask me about a specific concept or method.

However with this person, I have had personal experience, because at one time he was a distributor for the company I owned Nu Creations.

After paying him nearly $25,000 in comissions he charged us back over $1,000 on his credit card for products he received after we were forced to terminate his distributorship for cross-recruiting.

He has been thrown out of at least 5 companies I am aware of and it notorious for attending company conferences for the sole purpose of recruiting distributors into his “new deal”.

He purchased Jerry Clark’s awesome Colors training from us at memorized it, then started teaching it as
his own. I could go on and on, but there is a reason his “Mentoring is for Free” It is worthless and he is a classic example of someone who is only interested in developing a following. Like many trainers he has helped a few, but taken many to the slaughter.

Later on during the conference the lady came back and asked me, who are the other 5 trainers to avoid?

I avoided the question. I normally don’t express my opinion on this subject unless I am asked a specific question like:

How do you feel about what _________ __________ teaches about how to close prospects or ________ ___________ about developing rapport?

However, I have thought about this, and I think it is a subject that could benefit our readers so let me give you 4 general types of trainers to avoid without naming names.

#2 Anyone who is trying to teach you “how to do” that which they have never done. Always ask yourself, who is this person, what have they ever accomplished and why am I listening to them?

There are some awesome public speakers with great stories who have decided they are going to teach network marketers how to build their business.

They are very entertaining, but what they teach is fluff.

With all the “Attraction Marketing BS” being taught as THE SECRET to grow your business. The internet is full of “self proclaimed gurus” who are trying to “fake it to they make it”.

A trained eye can see right through this, we all know in our gut, if someone has actually lived what they are teaching.


#3 Anyone that was raised up and taght by Bill Gould of Equinox. They simply have a warped perception of what network marketing is, and are in to making money from training their downline and not into making money from the development of leadership on their team.

Their entire training model is based upon developing followers and milking their followers with seminar fees.

It wouldn’t be that terrible if the training in the seminars had any real world value. Unfortunately they are designed to create a “worship mentality within the attendees”, I could really spend some time here, but I won’t.

It is the closest thing to a “cult culture” that has ever existed in network marketing. Just do an internet search for Equinox & Bill Gould and you can read all the horror stories.

on a personal note, I have some old Bill Gould training on VHS that I think is fantastic. However greed and ego eventually over came his genius.

I have met a few trainers that were raised in this environment, that are value focused and really do have the best interest of their team in mind, but unfortunately they are the minority.

#4 Anyone who teaches you how to “close” your prospects. Network marketing is about developing leadership, sales is about closing. I have written a lot about this in the past, but anyone who is teaching closing skills to network marketers, really has a limited vision of what this industry & developing a team is all about.

#5 Anyone who teaches you to buy leads and pound the phones “dialing for dollars”. This is the fastest way to burn
out a new person. The best lead you can generate is always a local prospect who contacts you!

As with everything, there are exceptions to the above, but very few. I am sure to get some negative feedback regarding this post, but that has never bothered me much.

I know what I know and always welcome debate.

My focus always has been and always will be to make a difference in the business of hard working, dedicated, honest, network marketers.

You can send your thoughts or comments directly to Dale @ but understand they may end up on this blog and they can and will be used against you and for the majority! :]


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logo3 Again I want everyone to Thank Troy Dooly for keeping people in this industry accountable. I’m glad there are still people out there that helping us maintain a good image in this industry.

I have friends in this company, and I told them about this article and they wouldn’t even look at it. I hope that over time they will see the witting on the wall.

If they happened to change and pull it off, I will apologize. But as for Now I agree whole heartily with Troy.

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Have you built an R.P.M. Plan yet? This is something that you should do every year to evaluate where your at in all areas of your life.

I will talk more about this, and the one I built for myself. I hope this will help you in the years to come.



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It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

Theodore Roosevelt”

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