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My friends tried this and I did too, it didn’t work for us.

How many times have we heard this response from someone. Wouldn’t you like to know what to say to someone like this, and not walk away frustrated because you couldn’t give them the right response? So many times we have the right mindset to conquer in our business, but we weren’t taught the right skill set.

If you want didn’t results learn what the sales professionals do.

I have no problem answer this question because I have heard so many times now, it doesn’t phase me. I want to teach you how to this response, into a fired of person on your team. If you really want success find those who have it, and follow them.

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How many times have you got this response when showing someone your product, service or opportunity? Then most people at this point give up, and take that as, well they don’t have the money, and walk away from that sale.

They just gave you a road mapfollow the question

So many times people don’t see the mile markers to help them to navigate the road map. They are telling you how to share the right information with them, if you just pay attention to what they are saying.

Never walk away at this point again, I’m going to teach you how to turn this around into your favor.

Watch the video below if you are serious about getting pass the point of I can’t afford it; to seeing ways that might not have thought of to afford it.

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How to fail in MLM marketing

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A few problems that some new MLM marketing people have:

1. No upline support.

Once a person joins a new MLM marketing program, he or she is vulnerable and needs a lot of help from something or someone.

In many cases, the uplines are not actively helping them. This happens a lot when the uplines are simply sponsoring as many people as they can with no regard to what happens to them after they get sponsored.

In most standard MLM marketing programs, it is important that the new person gets immediate assistance from a local person, or tools that you have. Otherwise their chances for survival are very slim.

2. New MLM marketers cannot sell.

This is probably the major reason most people do not make it MLM marketing. By using standard MLM techniques, you have got to sell and learn how to speak at opportunity meetings and the like

3. MLM’er cannot generate good leads.

Next to the selling problem, this has to be the next biggest reason most people fail in MLM marketing.

Here is a picture of what normally happens. The new person has just signed up in an exciting MLM program. He is taught by the manuals, meetings and so forth, how he should “share” his product with his friends, neighbors and relatives.

Normally, he is not comfortable with this, and if he is typical, he will have many sleepless, tossing and turning nights. He just doesn’t want to “impose” on his friends! He would feel a lot more comfortable just presenting his opportunity to strangers.

4. No true duplicative system.

If the MLM marketing company must be promoted through expensive methods, this is not feasible.

Learning how to sell, or to speak and conduct an opportunity meeting is just not duplicative. Only a few people can do this. Here again, is a very important reason a lot of would be MLM’ers die on the vine.

5. Selling by mail using standard MLM techniques.

Traditional way to marketing MLM is to spend all spare time to call around and travel around to get prospects. A lot of people already have full time job, it is hard to find extra time to travel and make phone calls. This is why these MLM marketers cannot keep their program going.

6. The marketer is not sure about the MLM marketing company or service.

Often a person will sign up in a MLM marketing program in a “fit of excitement.” After the dust clears, he comes down to earth and reality slowly sets in.

Pick an established and financially sound MLM company that is at least two years old with unquestionable products or services. That way, you can feel good about the company and products that you are promoting. There is nothing quite like being able to “tell the complete truth” to your prospective customers.

7. They do not stick with it long enough.

Starting any company takes time, and this is true with an MLM marketing program as well.

By the time you study the program, write and receive literature: study this and sign up; get the literature, etc. a lot of time has been spent. And then you have to generate your leads and so on.

It will take several months before you can expect much of anything to happen to your MLM marketing. You should set in your mind that you are going to stick with this for at least sometime. That just makes good business sense.

Now after all of this, you are probably thinking to yourself “WOW” this a lot harder than I thought. But I want to let you know that we help every single person in our team be successful. This is how we do it.

1. We give you leads that we generate from the internet, so that way you have people to talk too.

2. We have a System that is easy to follow to put your prospects in, and it will do all of the work form sending e-mails, getting them in front of the product, capture pages, and etc. You can’t lose with this system right here.

3. We will coach you and show you how to build your presence online. Like show you how to build a blog, list building, aweber, and so much more. We have been in lead generation for 7 years now, and have been in Network Marketing for 10 years and successful income earners.

If you would like to know more about what company we are in, click the link below and fill out your info and it will take you video and explain why went with this company.

We Look forward to working with you, and making a huge success in business, and on-line.

Have you built an R.P.M. Plan yet? This is something that you should do every year to evaluate where your at in all areas of your life.

I will talk more about this, and the one I built for myself. I hope this will help you in the years to come.

I just talked to Dale Calvert through a friend the other day. I was so amazed by his story, that I had to post his Bio below. Take a look at this amazing video and see the caliber of his genius. Renovation

Dale Calvert has been involved in the Network marketing industry since the age of 20.

Dale not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. From 1994 – 1998 Dale and his leadership team developed an organization of over 60,000 distributors and $120 Million $$$ in wholesale product sales.

Dale is know throughout the industry for his unified, duplicatable training systems and programs, including “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” & “The Power of a Dream”.

Dale has been working as a full-time trainer and consultant within the industry since 2000 and NOT associate with any particular MLM company.  He is the CEO of Calvert Marketing Group, a training, consulting, coaching, and seminar company for the network marketing and internet marketing industries.

Dales rags to riches Success Story hasbeen featured in every industry publications. He also has shared with the MLM world his special insight into the industry in countless number of articles which he has written.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been in his career, he didn’t mention his homes, cars, or the other benefits and financial rewards which he has earned. his answer was quite simple.

“I see people better than they are, and in so doing a few become that which I believe them to be”

I believe most people die, never reaching their greatness, never tapping the God given skills and talents which they have been given. I believe that if people develop themselves first, the income and lifestyle this industry offers will flow to them.

This industry has allowed me the opprtunity to help many people grow, learn, develop and become better than they were before I met them. Being able to play a small part in the success of others is my greatest accomplishment.

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