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It’s funny how even children’s books can teach you a lot about yourself and this wonderful industry we call

Network Marketing. I was watching Horton Hears A Who this weekend. It actually is a great movie filled with wonderful metaphors of life.

That brings me to my question I have in the title. What does Dr Seuss and MLM have in common?

He had a way of teaching people that everybody mater, even in Horton Hears a who. There was line in the  movie were says “A Person is A Person no matter how small.” -Dr Seuss

Sometimes we get so caught up on the idea that it’s about me, when really it’s about people. You might be able to fool some people, but you never will fool leaders. Your business will never get any real traction, because people know that you don’t care about them.

5 Things You Can Learn from Dr Seuss

1.) People want to feel special. I remember when I was younger working at Walgreens. They had a policy of the 7 C’s they called them. I remember one of the managers just saying to me, smile and say I hope your having a wonderful day. It was amazing to see people light up, I never forgot that, and wake up everyday asking myself how can I bless somebody’s life today.

2.) Be Yourself. Your the only one that knows how to be you. quit trying to be like everybody else. Copying this guru, talking like this person, and etc. Just be who God made you to be, you are special, because He made you and there is nobody else like it. You are unique even down to your fingerprints.

3.) Reading books is important to your success. If you want to be a leader you must read. So many people want the easy way in life, and want to take all the shortcuts to success. Well there is no shortcuts, there is no easy button, and there is no easy way to success. Reading is important to growing as person, growing into a leader, and getting the success you want out of life.

4.) You’re on your own. Comes down to you making a decision when you just do it. It’s only you that can turn on the switch in your life. I hope you quit blaming your company, blaming the product, blaming your upline, and etc. Lets stop being a victim, lets start being victorious in life. Tell yourself today I will not stand by and wait for someone to do it for me, I’m going to do it myself.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own.And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” – Dr Seuss

5.) Trying is the name of the game. Quit second guessing yourself all the time. So many people say only if I could do this better or do that better I would succeed in MLM. Well do it, quit talking about it. If you want to be a better prospector, learn from people like Tom Challan and Ray Higdon. Want to be better at internet marketing, then find the best and learn from them. Want to learn how to get over fears of talking to people, then go out and find books on how to do that and apply what you read.

No more excuses in 2012, you get a clean slate. No more thinking I would, should, could have done this in 2011. It’s over lets rock 2012 and Thank Dr Seuss for all the wisdom he provides us.

I guess reading these books growing up really did help me more then I could have imagined. I hope this will do the same for you. Praying for your success in 2012.

I just wanted to make a quick video of a thought I had for a while. I have been so busy with this principle that my business is exploding. I hope that you guys can benefit from this. This is nothing new and is even found in the Bible. Please let me know if this has help you in any way, would love to hear your feedback.


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The first thing we need to understand is that your story is unique to you, and people love stories. So many times we are missing out on one of the most powerful influence to help move people in direction we want them to go.

“Telling Purposeful stories is the best way to persuade, motivate, and convince who you want to do what you need.”

- President Bill Clinton

Number 1. Learn how to tell a good story, if you are not good at it; then practice.

Number 2. If you are going to use facts, put them into a story. This will help people remember those facts better.

Number 3. Have your team write down there stories and remember and relate them to people in that same situation.

I will bring you guys more tips on how to use stories to your advantage, and how they could help your check go up also.

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There is always someone who wants to know more about your company. Don’t make the mistake of trying to convince them about your deal.

All you have to do is point them in the right direction to the information they are looking for. So many times we try to tell people how great that company is, and they think we are trying to get over on them. I use a technique where I let people convince themselves that they are making the right decision, because they are the one deciding on what to do next.

Everybody is a critic today, so don’t fall into the trap. Let you third party collateral do the talking for you.

Have a e-mail already prepared, and let them know you will send that info to them when you get back to your office. This is important to do, because most people will go home and use the internet to search for your company. You don’t want them to see all the scam stuff out there that people do to hurt our industry, or try to steal your prospect to what their doing. Also they might see another attractive team online and join with them. Your goal is to get them to look at what you send them to verify your company.

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When you are talking to people about your business or opportunity, and they want to be reassured they are making the right decision. The worst thing you can do at this point is tell them everything they want to hear.

So many people want to comfort people instead of just giving them the truth, let’s not sugar coat it for them. If you tell people what is expected of them right away, you will know if they are going to be really dedicated or not to this type of business. I see so many people get excited about getting someone to sign-up, that they tell them anything in the book. Then when that person does nothing, they push that person until they quit. Why? Because nobody told them the right expectations upfront, so when it got tough they quit.

If you owned a company and you were going to hiring somebody to come work in the business you owned, would you tell them everything they wanted to hear, or tell them what the job requires of them?

I hope you would you do the latter. So treat this like a business and tell people what you expect from them, and what they need to get ready for, because this business isn’t easy. The people who work through the tough times, the pain, and your self confidence issues; come out of this with something that they could have never dreamed of. That is total financial and time freedom. If you’re honest in the beginning nobody can ever come back to you and say you didn’t tell them it was going to be like this.

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