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Hey I know if your like me and you own FinalCut Pro X you have no idea on were to start when it comes to loading your video the first time to YouTube.

It took me sometime, but I did find some videos out there that helped me. So I wanted to make quick version showing people how to do that.

Check it out down here.




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Do remember that skit of the little kid who was talking to strange guy in the car who was offering him candy? All of sudNot talking to strangers might be costing you moneyden out of no where it pop up on the screen “Don’t talk to strangers” Then we would all chuckle say I’m never going to talk to strangers when we were little.

Well I think people have grown up and taken this way to serious in their adult life.

You might think I’m joking, but this all to common with a lot of people. I hope I can give you some practical steps to follow to show you that strangers could strongly increase the money in your bank account.

True Story, Pay Close attention.

John was stuck in the airport, and if you fly I’m sure you have been in some weather delays too. Well he decides to wait in the club area were he was going to just read his book in peace. He happened to see a guy sitting next to him and struck up a conversation with him. Well after some small talk, he told John that he just got the CEO position of a large company and was waiting to fly out to meet the new staff. John was quick to listen and learn more, and after that conversation, John said that he would like to get his info so he could send him his book he wrote. Well John sent the book followed up with him, and ended up landing a million dollar coaching contract with his company.

3 things you need to learn from this story

  1. If you are in business of any kind and you are not learning the art of talking to others; you are losing out on how business is conducted. Next time you are in coffee shop, airport, and etc. Start practicing the art of saying hello and striking up a conversation. If you do this, I guarntee you doors seem to open up. ( Networking is such a huge part of building a business,)
  2. Learn how to find things in common with person you are talking too. It’s important to learn the art of small talk. This is very easy to do, we do it all the time and don’t even know it sometimes. (We will talk more about this in another post)
  3. After talking to somebody, make sure to follow up. I can’t tell you how many people fall victim to not following up with people who could put money into there pockets. The money is in the follow up, and be persistent with it. People get busy just like you get busy, don’t get mad cause they don’t call you back. Just try again. That is why we call if follow-up; there is no time limit on it. (side note, if you are not using a contact manger of any kind; you are all ready losing in business. Most people can’t remember everybody they talk to, you need a system to help you.) I will talk about this in up coming post.

So please talk to strangers, it could help you land a Million Dollars.

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Hey guys if you never got to meet Tom Challan & Kim Challan in person; trust me you are missing out. Some of the coolest people I have meet in this industry. I had the privileged to hang out with them for a week as we were helping them launch some new products that you guys will see next year. So I know a lot people won’t get that chance, so we want to show you a behind the scenes video of some of the fun moments we had.

Tom & Kim Challan Blooper Video

If you like this video make sure and go check out there other videos on the site.

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