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Workout with Tom Challan

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I love making friends in this industry. You are missing out on bigger things if you only think about money. Making last friendships will get you further then anything else in this world.

Tom Challan and Me working out to P90X

Tom Challan and Joey McDermott

Click on the Picture to see Tom's One of kind videos. He has trained some of the elite leaders in the industry.

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Hey guys if you never got to meet Tom Challan & Kim Challan in person; trust me you are missing out. Some of the coolest people I have meet in this industry. I had the privileged to hang out with them for a week as we were helping them launch some new products that you guys will see next year. So I know a lot people won’t get that chance, so we want to show you a behind the scenes video of some of the fun moments we had.

Tom & Kim Challan Blooper Video

If you like this video make sure and go check out there other videos on the site.

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